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Why Annabelle?

Hello, I’m Annabelle.

I’m a celebrant because I love being part of the joy that comes with sharing such a meaningful moment with two people in love.

I love the way marriage is such a wonderfully creative process. From the location to the decoration to the clothing to the vows, no two weddings are the same. It is an honour to share in making your wedding as individual as you are.

The places I can help are many. I have spent a decade studying different cultures and their approach to the expression of love and peace, whether that be through meditation, yoga, art, energy healing or writing. I can help you assemble your vows from the writings of others or create your own. I can also assist with ideas to make your day extra special such as adding readings, music or other theatre to create an unforgettable, youthful, spiritual, heartfelt day.

I have been a registered, authorised civil wedding celebrant since 2009. In that time I have helped create and perform ceremonies all over Australia and the world. By bringing together legal with love and science with the spiritual, I bring your wedding a style all its own.


Annabelle, civil marriage wedding celebrant in Sydney

Yoga Teacher

Yoga is about flexibility, mindfulness, wellbeing and longevity. Having studied yoga for over 15 years, I can brings these disciplines to your big day and helps you consider how to make them part of your life together.


I hold a Masters in Law and Legal Practice, so I understand what underpins marriage in our society and what commitment means on a practical level too.


As a family law mediator, I have helped countless couples work through their differences. Always good to know when you’re helping people begin their journey.


It’s said that meditation is the art of reaching a higher level of consciousness. Meditation can help you stay calm in all situations and keep you in the moment to enjoy life as it happens. I can help bring these calming and exciting elements to your wedding.


KIND WORDS from around the world

Annabelle’s attention to detail allowed us to quickly alleviate any concerns we had about the ceremony, letting us concentrate on other stages of planning.

Matthew & Yuka, Sydney

KIND WORDS from around the world

The day was perfect, the ceremony was perfect, we could’t have asked for more. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

Justin & Phuong, Vietnam

KIND WORDS from around the world

You understood exactly what we wanted and helped make our wedding unique. Thanks!

Juliet & Derek, Zambia

KIND WORDS from around the world

Thank you for being such a special and integral part of our wonderful day. You really took the time to get to know us and delivered a beautiful ceremony which had us, and our guests, welling up with joy.

Melissa & Michael, Brisbane

KIND WORDS from around the world

Annabelle has a great energy and genuinely cares about her work. She made it her absolute priority for my wife and I to have the ceremony we wanted, and helped to provide a relaxed and seemingly spontaneous atmosphere on the day.

Matthew & Yuka, Sydney